Lodge a ticket with OttoHub!

At Otto, we’re all about making IT easy for humans – that’s why we’ve launched OttoHub. It’s your go-to portal for all IT issues!
IT services Melbourne, OttoHub
IT services Melbourne, OttoHub
IT services Melbourne, OttoHub

Solve IT Quickly

When an IT issue strikes, you need it solved – FAST.

With OttoHub, there’s no need to sit on the phone or wait for an email response. All you need to do is submit your issue through this online portal and our team will be on it! This portal is a problem-solving machine, putting your IT issue right onto the desk of the engineers who can solve it – getting you results so much faster.

Everything you need

A video guide from our experts

With our user-friendly interface, you can submit your query in a flash as well as track your ticket, see how work is progressing on your issue, and even interact with our team to help resolve it – no emails or phone calls needed.
Unsure where to start when lodging a ticket. We’ve compiled a handy guide in our blog just for you.
  • Access to our learning platform
  • Access to domain management tools
  • Get notifications about relevant service outages
  • Receive notifications for any updates
  • No more emails flooding your inbox

Stress-free IT

IT services Melbourne, OttoHub

Putting you first

The submission process is designed to work with every level of IT expertise, guiding you through relevant categories in just 10 questions or less so our engineers have all the information they need to get to work right away.

Send us your issue

From error messages and outages to network problems, we’ll handle it all. Simply log on to OttoHub to get started.

IT services Melbourne, OttoHub

Tell us what’s wrong

The system will give you suggestions and categories to ensure our teams get the information they need to get the job done. In 10 questions or less, your ticket is ready for submission!

IT services Melbourne, OttoHub

Submit and track your ticket

Get complete visibility over your ticket’s progress as we kick into action! You can also use this interface to chat directly to our team to get updates, estimated times, and more.

IT services Melbourne, OttoHub

Sit back and relax

We’ll have your IT issue resolved faster than ever before! No follow up emails or calls needed.

Not sure where to start?

Contact your account manager.
Of course, our email and phone help lines are still running, but with OttoHub, you get a simple and efficient alternative with complete and streamlined visibility over your ticket process and progress from start to finish!
So if you have an issue, you can:
  • You can lodge a ticket from Customer Portal on your desktop or task bar
  • You can simply email support@ottoit.com.au with details of your IT Issue
  • You can call us on 1300 688 648 (1300 OTTO IT)