Your new IT department.

IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About

comes first

New tech is always shiny. But if it doesn’t serve the business, we don’t use it. Our partners want solutions, not fancy gimmicks.

Curious by

We ask a lot of questions. It’s how we get to know your business. It’s also how we innovate and solve big problems.


We take our partnerships seriously. It’s why we’re 100% transparent in everything we do. No surprises—just solutions.

IT services Melbourne, About

We’re your new IT department, servicing both metropolitan and regional areas nationally. Our clients aren’t just clients: they’re partners. Sometimes they call us when systems aren’t working, or there’s a funny light blinking on the modem. Other times we help them transform their business, protect data and overhaul existing tech. Heads in the Cloud, feet on the ground. That’s Otto.

Smart on
the inside

We’re an IT company, right? So we should practice what we preach. We’ve invested thousands of hours in our internal systems and staff training. Otto means very clever IT.

Blue sky

We don’t just help when things go wrong. We offer digital transformation at scale, including full business cases. If we think there’s a better way of doing things, we’ll let you know.

People-powered tech

Our staff are judged on customer satisfaction. Not sales or profits. This helps keep our eye on the real prize: making you happy. We want every client to feel like part of the family.

IT services Melbourne, About

Keep your data safe

Otto is connected to the one of the most trusted data centres in the world: the International Business Exchange (IBX). We can get you access to multiple networks, as well as the Australian Singapore Cable. Lightning fast speeds, coming right up.

International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) data centre

We’ve ME1 purpose-built data centre offering direct access to multiple networks and the Australian Singapore Cable (ASC).
ISO 27001
ISO 14001:2015
SOC 1 Type II
SOC 2 Type II

A better way to CIO

Not all businesses can afford a full-time CIO. Otto steps in to fill that void. We can work with your IT team to manage the budget, set goals, tackle big projects, and improve business processes. Think of us as your virtual CIO—without the overheads.

Collaboration with your internal departments

We work with your internal teams to:

  • Formulate strategic IT goals
  • Plan and manage the IT budget
  • Analyse and improve business processes
  • Facilitate technology changes
  • Align business growth goals to the current state of technology

Think global.
Tech local.

IT services Melbourne, About

Our headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia, but we’ve helped businesses all over the world. Wherever you are, Otto can keep you connected.

IT services Melbourne, About

Supporting a  stronger
united community

IT services Melbourne, About

If there’s one thing that we’re more passionate about than IT, it’s our community! That’s why we support local NFPs that are passionate about making a difference and building stronger communities.

IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About

Get a world-class cybersecurity audit from ISO27001 certified specialists

Well, for one thing, we’re ISO 27001 certified! This means that our processes meet the highest international standards for data protection and security – and so will your audit. We’re able to handle confidential data, manage security risks, and implement necessary security controls, and your audit will meet the requirements set by your regulatory bodies and cybersecurity insurance providers.

IT services Melbourne, About

Check out the trophy case

Otto has been named one of the world’s best managed service providers on the annual Channel Futures MSP 501 rankings. This is like the Oscars for IT departments. It means we’re one of the top 501 IT companies in the world.

IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
IT services Melbourne, About
Otto’s leadership has shown to be responsive to my business needs and the team provides authentic customer service. Staff are friendly, respectful and willing to help. Have recommended services through to others who have found the same value.
Theo Pappas
IT services Melbourne, About