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Keep your client’s piggy bank safe with IT solutions for the accounting and financial services industry.
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If accounting is the language of business, a great IT company behind you is your megaphone.

Accountants are responsible for some pretty sensitive information. That data needs to be secure, but also accessible. Both for you and your client. Otto can provide cloud-based services with the best IT security money can buy. It’s our job to keep your business efficient, compliant and secure.

Going Paperless

The days of storing and shredding client documents are long gone. It’s time to embrace the flexibility and security of the Cloud. Otto can help migrate all your files and work papers online. Just think of the savings on paper clips.

Cloud Systems

Free your business by moving all your client data to the Cloud. Flexible financial apps make banking and accounting faster, more efficient and, frankly, more fun. With Otto, there’s no need to compromise on security.

Always Online

With Otto, you can always get access to accounting and financial software. Any place, any time. Our specialist teams provide remote support and system updates 24/7. You’re never more than 6 seconds away from important data.

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Learn how we transformed our client’s operations through better, more strategic and forward thinking tech.

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Make outdated, paper systems a thing of the past. Our tailored accounting solutions will save you time, money and mitigate the risk of a major data breach. You don’t even need a calculator to do that kind of math.

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