cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Helping to home the homeless with MOSS

MOSS, the Merri Outreach Support Service, has been helping end homelessness in the Melbourne metro community since 1988. We’ve been supporting MOSS through different projects aimed at growing their support programs so they can help more people, more often.

It’s all about planting the seeds for a successful future – and inspiring you to get involved too!

Supporting local talent with Holy Trinity Knights Cricket Club

This club speaks to the essence of everything that is Otto – inclusion, culture and most importantly, people.

Not only are we providing expert tech support through network services, quality internet and more – we’re also supporting budding talent by investing in incentives and initiatives that foster young stars and provide a welcoming space for the individuals with disability.

cyber security services, Social Responsibility
cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Championing well-being alongside Without Fear

With our very own Chief Commercial Officer being a mental health ambassador for Without Fear, we’re helping inspire conversation and change the stigma around mental health issues.

Through co-branded clothing, sponsored events and funding a range of mental health initiatives, we’re doing our part to make a difference.

Offsetting our emissions in partnership with Green Fleet

We believe that it’s our responsibility to do what we can to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Greenfleet, an amazing organization that is working tirelessly to restore native forests and ecosystems. These forests are essential habitats for endangered wildlife, and they also help fight against the devastating impacts of climate change. We’re proud to be part of this mission, and when we partner with you, we’ll make sure that enough beautiful, biodiverse trees are planted on your behalf to offset the CO2 emissions of our operations. We’re committed to creating a more sustainable future together!

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Your support goes further than you know

Supporting NFPs isn’t just about the feel-good factor –

it’s about seeing just how much of a difference even the smallest donation of time, money, or effort goes.

Through good business, good communities grow. And we’re making you a part of that!

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Holy Trinity Knights Cricket Club

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Merri Outreach Support Service

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Without Fear – Mental Health Community

Behind every social issue there’s a human being

At Otto, we’re committed to being people-first even in a tech-driven world. We’re here to support our clients, our employees, and our community – first.

From our Mental Health Drive and wellness programs that have made us a certified Great Place to Work, to our people-first tech solutions and outreach programs, we’re bringing everyone into our tribe.

It’s social responsibility in action – and we want you to be a part of it!

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Another way we give back

cyber security services, Social Responsibility
cyber security services, Social Responsibility

We resolve your tech issue

First, we start with you and providing you the kind of service you deserve.

cyber security services, Social Responsibility
cyber security services, Social Responsibility

You complete our Survey

Once we’ve resolved your issue, we’ll send you our CSAT survey to complete.

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

We donate $1 per client

For every survey completed, we will donate $1 to a community NFP to help them keep doing great things.

Got a suggestion?

Is there a cause close to your heart? We’d love to hear about it. Our CSAT giving program could be a great fit to help. Let us know here.

It’s more than just giving

From the very beginning, Otto founders have been focussed on how to make every element of our communities better through tech. Our social responsibility values are part of everything we do, from making schools and businesses secure and thriving to putting out a helping hand when it’s needed most.

Working together is the only way we succeed!

cyber security services, Social Responsibility

Get involved

Doing good is more exciting and rewarding than the latest, shiniest new tech –
but we can help you do both! Here are some ways you can get involved and help us all do more, together.

Become a partner

Make us more than your tech partner and let us help you reach your social responsibility goals. Let’s work together, for good!

Tell us about a cause

Let us know what you’re passionate about and how you want to contribute to a better world! We’ll work with you to make it happen.

Corporate governance

Reducing Environmental Impact Policy

Sustainability matters to us. Our Reducing Environmental Impact Policy outlines our efforts. Download to know more.

E-waste and Battery Disposal Policy

Learn how we responsibly handle electronic waste and batteries. Download our Ewaste and Battery Disposal Policy.

Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Policy

We’re against money laundering and any activity that facilitates funding of terrorist or criminal activities.

Modern Slavery Policy

Otto IT do not condone any form of human rights abuse, including modern slavery and are committed to ethical labour.

Parental Leave Policy

Our people are important which means our people’s people are too. Download our policy for Parental leave here.

Volunteer Leave Policy

We encourage giving back. Our Volunteer Leave Policy explains how you can make a difference. Download it here.