Otto provides clever IT solutions for education providers. Even schools can learn something new.
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If there’s a lesson to be learnt, let IT be taught. We’re ready to become your new teacher’s pet.

Otto provides very clever IT solutions for education providers. Even schools can learn something new.

IT is the invisible hero behind all successful schools. With the right systems (and the right partner) you can improve student engagement, track results, protect your data and monitor class notes—all in the one place. Otto can teach you how to run a better, smarter and safer institution. Lesson one: the Cloud.

Cloud Solutions

You won’t believe how much time and energy you can save with the Cloud. Otto can shift all your existing files online, streamlining work submission, resource access and results sharing. Teachers can use one simple, unified system. Anywhere at any time.

Safe & Secure

You can’t take chances with student security and school data. With private networks, multi-layer encryption and secure back-up options, we can keep those test results under lock and key. In the event of a crash, we promise full data recovery.

Improved Resources

The future of education is online—everyone knows it. Otto can set-up cloud-based systems to make everyday school life simpler. With our help, you can access learning resources, improve inclusiveness, track progress and monitor attendance.

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it consulting, Education

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Learn how we transformed our client’s operations through better, more strategic and forward thinking tech.

Expert IT – easy as A…B…C…

When it comes to cloud 101, Otto offers A+ results. We’ll automate your systems, setup secure servers and make everyday school life more efficient. All before the lunch break. Talk to the team at Otto today.

it consulting, Education
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it consulting, Education

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