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Business Management Systems

Do more with less. Make every resource count with innovative ERP.
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Just like growing bodies, businesses need the right resources at the right time. Get lean, minimise wastage, and make sure you get the most out of your resources, assets, and people.

Our Enterprise Resource Planning solution will streamline the way you do business, from top to toe. Fully integrated, with flexible deployment options, world-class cybersecurity, and low-code customisation, we’ll help you build the resiliency and continuity your organisation needs in uncertain times.

Reduce waste

Lean manufacturing and supply chains are key to profitability, and that means cutting waste down to a minimum. We’ll help you streamline everything from payroll to inventory management and product tracing, turning your operation into a lean machine.

Optimise resources

Automation is the best way to eliminate time-wasting, resource-heavy everyday tasks. With automated processes and self-service features, we’re putting your team to work where they can make the biggest difference.

Operational visibility

Fully integrated with warehousing, accounting, and supply chain operations, you get to see your entire operation at a single glance. It’s never been easier to spot opportunities for improvement, make key decisions, and monitor your operation.

managed it services Melbourne, Business Management Systems

Business Management Services from Otto includes:

Performance optimisation

Make your current operations smarter with integrated AI to detect opportunities for optimisation sooner, improve decision-making, and develop strategies for moving forward.


Solutions that grow and change with your organisation, adapting to your needs and supporting a proactive, agile outlook.


Know what’s happening with your business, as it happens. Real-time ERP allows your teams exceptional insight into operational processes, anticipating issues and opportunities, empowering them to respond.

Manage your whole business in one place

Find The Packages You Need

Lean, scalable accounting

An affordable accounting solution that scales as your business grows and tracks every account and transaction, reducing tech bloat and controlling IT spending. It’s time to streamline and optimise how your business is managed.

Real-time reporting and optimisation

AI capabilities show you where opportunities lie for optimising team performance and processes alongside real-time analytics and reporting, and smart forecasting. Let’s make it easier to make the right decisions for your business at the right time.

Inventory at a glance

Track and trace inventory at multiple locations off a single platform in real-time. It’s never been easier to warehouse, monitor, and distribute goods – or process custom orders thanks to assemblies, multi-level BOM and kitting features.

Agile stock management

Know what stock is available and where it is, whenever you need it. Tailor your stock management system to suit your workstyle with direct pick, bin, and location-only features. With smart forecasting, you’re more agile than ever.

Admin-free payroll

Stay fully compliant the simple way and reduce your payroll burden through automation, integrated timesheets, and self-service capabilities. Put your best assets to work growing your business and let tech take care of the rest.

Smart, waste-reducing manufacturing

Get a one-stop tech solution that integrates every aspect of your manufacturing process, from operations through to sales. AI capabilities give you the edge through real-time smart demand forecasting, keeping your operation lean and competitive.

managed it services Melbourne, Business Management Systems

Why Invest In A Business Management System

  • A smart inventory management for distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers
  • Full integration that allows for total visibility and control over your orders and supply chain
  • A lean solution that actively reduces waste, improves forecasting, and alleviates administrative burdens
  • Exceptional traceability and tracking for every product and process, customisable to your operation

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managed it services Melbourne, Business Management Systems

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Globally, for every US dollar spent on manufacturing, 20% is wasted.

Going lean with the right technology means less wastage in the sector, improved value in the supply chain, better quality products, lower inventory costs, and increased productivity. Whether you’re a large manufacturer, a start-up warehousing provider, or booming distributor, we’re here to help you do more with less.

managed it services Melbourne, Business Management Systems
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managed it services Melbourne, Business Management Systems

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