Otto is a comprehensive managed IT service provider, which means we have every business’s tech needs covered! Our services cover IT support, cybersecurity, IT infrastructure, cloud solutions, VoIP, internet hosting, business continuity, and disaster recovery. We work with businesses of all sizes, in all industries across Australia.

Otto evolved from the merger between DWM Solutions (est. 2002), previously TriTech Computer Services (est. 1996) and Milan Industries (est. 2004). Our clients range from small commercial startups to large local government authorities, including medical, financial, retail, real estate, and manufacturing sectors as well as councils and utilities. We have been leading public cloud migration projects since 1996, assisting clients that include Florida Cheese, Lardner Partners, Johnson Partners, and Barry Plant.

Otto holds the following industry-leading certifications:

  • Cisco Select Certified Partner
  • Fortinet Authorised Partner
  • Microsoft Gold Partner
  • Sophos Gold Partner
  • Datto Blue diamond Partner
  • Dell Premier Partner
  • HP Enterprise Partner
  • VM Ware Partner
  • VM Ware Service Provider Partner
  • Veeam Partner
  • Veeam Service Provider Partner
  • Microsoft Service Provider Partner
  • Proofpoint Partner
  • Apnic Partner
  • Equinix Partner
  • NBN Channel Partner
  • Xero Gold Partner
  • Apple Business Partner
  • Wiise Partner
  • Unleashed Partner

Managed IT services offer the most comprehensive and effective IT outsourcing solutions. That means we not only provide IT support and access to best-in-class tech solutions, but we also work as an active partner in building your business. Our specialists assist with IT strategy, cloud migrations, tech for business growth, active cyberattack prevention, preventative tech maintenance, and much more. This allows you to leverage our wide range of services, technologies, and partnerships to support your business goals, while keeping IT spending consistent and manageable. You can read more about managed IT services here.

Yes! While we do offer the full services of an IT department in-house, we’re more than happy to work with your existing team to fill in any gaps. During our onboarding process, we’ll get to know your tech needs, your team, and your goals, so that we can provide you with the right support and solutions.

It’s simple! You can log your ticket by giving us a call, sending us an email, or using our desktop app. We’ll then get our technicians onto it as soon as possible and work towards resolving it quickly, keeping in touch with you every step of the way.

IT outsourcing is a simpler and more limited form of managed IT services. For example, if you need tech support, you can outsource that single service while managing the rest of your IT in house. Managed IT service are much more comprehensive, with our team becoming your IT department. Here, every tech need is covered by an expert team and dedicated team leader, assisting you with everything from tech support, cloud solutions, and IT infrastructure to tech migrations, staff training, and strategic IT consulting.

When you partner with Otto, you get the most robust and effective data protection available. Not only do we assist with on-site data protection and active system monitoring, but we also ensure comprehensive cloud security, data backup, and business continuity solutions are in place. We’re also here to train your team to better understand cybersecurity threats so that they can act effectively to prevent data loss.

Otto works wherever there’s tech – which means we work with all industries! This includes accounting and finance, digital marketing, health and wellbeing, manufacturing, real estate, education, and legal sectors. You can read more about the industries we work with here.

There are several key benefits of choosing Otto for managed IT services. This includes predictable and scalable IT spending, minimal IT investment, faster response time to IT issues, access to strategic IT expertise, proactive monitoring and support, best-in-class cybersecurity, effective data compliance, and expert IT infrastructure planning and implementation.

It takes a village to raise a successful, thriving business – and an IT partner is a key component. As uncertain economic conditions and innovative technology drive businesses to digitise to gain a competitive edge, it’s easy to get lost in the flood of different technologies and uncontrolled IT spending. The right IT partner takes uncertainty out of the equation, taking over your IT partner to lift this administrative and budgetary burden and supply the expertise and technology your business needs, when you need it. Streamlined, scalable, and efficient, Otto will deliver strategic IT solutions and services so you can focus on the big picture.

Technology is key to productivity in this digital age, whether you are managing a complex chain of suppliers and customers, leveraging the benefits of remote working, or seeking to manage multiple teams more effectively. Otto offers our partners strategic solutions that work with your business to meet productivity goals, using a human-first approach to technology that delivers tech that works for your teams, actively driving productivity while balancing employee wellness, flexibility, and agility.

Yes! Otto offers strategic IT consulting services as well as planning, implementation, and training services for businesses to optimise their growth. Using cloud-based technologies and leveraging our key partnerships with industry-leading solutions providers, we offer our clients exceptional scalability and flexibility – expanding, changing, and adding services at the click of a button.

IT MSP’s have a proven track record for providing excellent ROI, and Otto has the business cases to prove it. As reliance on IT systems increases and tech is established as a key differentiator across all sectors, IT spend is eating up larger and larger portions of your budget. By leveraging our expertise, vendor relationships, teams, and services, IT spend is effectively reduced while quality of technology and IT services increases. Chat to us today about how we’ve helped businesses like yours by delivering exceptional ROI.