Want confidence in your cybersecurity?

Want to keep your data out of the hands of hackers? Want your suppliers and customers to be confident in your ability to keep their data safe? Want to avoid the eyeball-popping costs of a data breach?
Well, you’re in the right place!
IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Every 10 minutes a cybercrime is reported. We don’t want you making that call.

At Otto, we’re all about making IT security simple and effective with audits and solutions designed for small businesses – and small business budgets.
With a cybersecurity audit, you’ll know exactly how well your defences are working (or not working!) You’ll get a comprehensive report as well as suggestions on how to improve your IT security in line with the latest threats.
And, importantly, our audit process means no disruption or downtime for your business!

Strong cybersecurity is all about
people, processes, and tech

Stop fighting blind – know what hackers are capable of and how to counter them. We’ll give you a complete overview of your current state of security, so you can make confident, informed decisions when it comes to tightening up your network.
No more sleepless nights when you put these high-risk attacks to bed!
IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer


This cyber attack is becoming more and more sophisticated – so it’s harder to spot. Phishing is all about gaining access to sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, or credit card details.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Impersonator attack

The goal of an impersonator attack is often to obtain access to the victim’s personal or financial information. Hackers are getting increasingly good at mimicking a legitimate person or organisation.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Data leakage

Data leakage or a data breach, is basically any unauthorized or accidental release of sensitive information.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Human Error

Everyone is human and in any organisation unintentional mistakes can be made that put your network and data at risk.

Knowing the risks is half the battle –
we’re here to prepare you for the rest!

Yes, your small business is up against hackers who are actively targeting your data. But we’re not here to keep you running scared! We’ve got your back. That means our experts will find all the loopholes that hackers look for and show you how to fix them. Our job is to help you, not scare your pants off.

Here’s what happens

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

You give us access

Get started by giving our experts access to your IT network so we can get cracking. We’ll list every IT asset in your business and develop our evaluation strategy.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

We get to it

Our team will evaluate every aspect of your IT network’s cybersecurity, like an IT SWAT team, with zero disruptions to your day-to-day operations. You won’t even know we’re there!

We deliver the results

After your business has completed the most painless audit you’ve ever experienced; we’ll report to you with our findings. You can then go ahead with our solutions if they suit you – they’re obligation-free.

Get confident – for only $990!

Our cybersecurity audit process will leave no stone unturned, covering every IT asset and user, including:

  • Operations and processes
  • Network security
  • Systems and hardware security
  • Physical IT security processes and access control
  • Data security

And the best part? You won’t experience any downtime or interruption to your day-to-day business processes! You keep on working while we do what we do best.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Just in case you didn’t know…

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Australia has the  fourth-highest cybercrime levels in the world

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

In 2022, we saw industry leading companies  Fall victim to cyber-attacks including Optus, Australia National University, the Australian Parliament House and Eastern Health

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer
IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Reports show that the average
cost of a single cybercrime is more than $39 000 for small businesses

It’s time for you to get tough on cybercrime

Get confident in your cybersecurity.

Your questions answered

We’ll need to do a deep dive into all your tech, so our team will need admin access to everything from your email and servers to your workstations and network equipment to make sure your audit is as comprehensive as possible! And because we’re ISO 27001 certified, you can rest easy knowing that your data is safe with us.

Your cybersecurity audit needs to cover every nook and cranny in your tech, because that’s what hackers will be looking at too! We’ll leave no stone unturned, covering your workstations and servers as well as your network equipment and email solution. There will be no place left for them to hide!

This depends on industry regulations and compliance requirements that are relevant to your business. However, we strongly recommend that you have an audit every 12 to 18 months. Every day, hackers are getting smarter and scams more elaborate, so it’s essential to keep on top of the latest threats – and your audit is key to doing that!

Regulations around cybersecurity and data protection responsibilities are getting tighter for all industries! It’s best to check with our team or your industry and regulatory bodies to get up-to-date information. Regular cybersecurity audits can also get you better rates with some insurance providers!


Get a world-class cybersecurity audit from ISO270001 certified specialists

Well, for one thing, we’re ISO 27001 certified! This means that our processes meet the highest international standards for data protection and security – and so will your audit. We’re able to handle confidential data, manage security risks, and implement necessary security controls, and your audit will meet the requirements set by your regulatory bodies and cybersecurity insurance providers.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer

Cybersecurity that’s confident,
proactive and most, importantly secure.

That’s what we’re here to do. Need a little more insight? Feel free to get in touch.

IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer
IT services Melbourne, Cybersecurity Audit Offer