The unwritten law of IT is: if something can go wrong, eventually it will go wrong. You’ve got to protect the firm.
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Legal practitioners can’t afford IT downtime. They deal with sensitive information, tight deadlines and lots of paperwork. Otto has helped high street shops and big commercial firms protect their clients, their data, and their bottom line. We can migrate your systems to the cloud, beef up security and keep everything running smoothly. Trust us, there’s precedent.

Maximum Uptime

As an ISP and private network provider, Otto offers managed IT services and guaranteed, medical-grade internet. That means no crashes, no downtime, no security breaches and no lost revenue. Got to keep the billables ticking over, right?

Safe & Secure

Moving those filing cabinets to the Cloud will speed up business, but security should be your #1 priority. With client information floating around on hard-drives and servers, there’s too much at stake. Otto can provide round-the-clock cyber protection.

Complete Solutions

Protecting your practice is a good start, but there’s always room for improvement. With our range of IT solutions, Otto can make your business faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. We handle everything from cloud phones and data to digital transformation.

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it consulting, legal

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Make a motion to the cloud. At Otto, we’ll make sure your client data is secure and accessible 24/7. We’ll help transform your practice, improve efficiency and minimise downtime. Sign up today and you be the judge.

it consulting, legal
Otto IT helped us to reduce our reliance on physical infrastructure, and move to a Cloud based system. The new systems have saved us money, and improved reliability across the business. I would recommend Otto IT to any company that is looking to modernise their systems and technology.
it consulting, legal

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