Business Intelligence

Data-driven decision-making at your fingertips.
managed it services Melbourne, Business Intelligence

You’re operating in the age of data. We’re here to make it more accessible, more interactive, and more useful – driving strategic decision-making.

Information is power. It’s the ability to be agile, resilient, and efficient. Using the latest in machine learning and AI capabilities, our dashboard gives you the real-time business intelligence you need, when you need it most.

Your competition is fierce and every decision counts. With powerful data gathering, analytics capabilities, and high-impact visual data representation, you can get a complete overview of your operations or take a deep dive into individual processes. Understand your organisation like never before.

Your operation at a glance

With intelligent dashboard solutions, you can track the KPIs that matter most in real-time. From sales and manufacturing targets to revenue and consumer engagement, your operations are an open book. It’s decision-making made easy.

Reports in real-time

Develop reports for management and stakeholders in a high-impact visual format based on real-time data. Filter down to get the details you need, making your organisation more data-driven, transparent, and agile.

Forecasting made easy

Integrated with machine learning and AI capabilities, business intelligence has never been easier to gather. Track your operations against economic factors, consumer sentiment, and more to forecast demand and act quickly. It’s your cornerstone for resilience.

managed it services Melbourne, Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence Services from Otto include:

Data gathering

Draw in data from every aspect of your operation in real-time, from tracking KPIs and team performance to consumer engagement and production lines. Merge data pools and stores with real-time data feeds from operational systems.

Data analytics

Use powerful machine learning technology to paint a picture from real-time data, revealing opportunities for efficiencies, forecasting demand, and mapping consumer data. Visualise your performance metrics, statistics, and data in bar charts, heat maps, and scatter plots.

Interactive dashboard

View real-time data in a customisable and interactive dashboard. Get an overview of your organisation or key operations at a glance. Filter through to customised data parameters. Generate engaging reports for stakeholders. Turn raw data into digestible, actionable results.

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managed it services Melbourne, Business Intelligence

We live in a data-driven age, set to gather 175 zettabytes by 2025. But that doesn’t matter if you can’t put your data to good use. That’s where AI and machine-learning-based business intelligence tools save the day, crunching, analysing, and reporting data at lightning speed. It’s time to bring this superhero into your business.

managed it services Melbourne, Business Intelligence
Using our new ERP system and intelligence dashboard, we now have complete visibility of our manufacturing processes and areas in which we can drive cost savings and better profitability. Thanks Otto!
managed it services Melbourne, Business Intelligence

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