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When it comes to IT, the rule is: location, location, location. You need to be able to work anywhere, at any time.
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Close the door on mediocre tech, open new doors with a solid foundation of premium IT.

The market is always moving, and so is technology. In a competitive industry like real estate, having the latest systems, the fastest connection, and the most integrated software makes all the difference. We can protect your client data with maximum transparency. Otto is always open for inspection.

Work Remotely

Real estate agents are always on the go. Otto can help you stay connected outside the office with cloud integration and bespoke tech solutions. Your staff can work anywhere, at any time, on any device. Welcome to the future of real estate.

Web Hosting

Otto currently hosts some of the largest real estate brands in Australia. And like a four-bedroom family home, they need a lot of storage. We can promise 100% uptime with super-fast connection speeds. Listings stay up, vendors stay happy.

Security & Back-up

When you’re juggling dozens of properties at once, business continuity is extremely important. Otto promises 100% uptime on all systems, plus complete data recovery. In the event of a crash, we can have your property data back within 6 seconds flat.

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it consulting, Real Estate

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Learn how we transformed our client’s operations through better, more strategic and forward thinking tech.

Expert IT support – from Sale to Sold!

With guaranteed, secure access to your data, anywhere, anytime – we’ll help you stay ahead of the curve. At Otto, professional, personalised service is always on the house.

it consulting, Real Estate
The team at Otto do a fantastic job at completing our requests in a timely, careful and professional manner. It’s so nice to know they’ve got our backs when it comes to anything business support related.
it consulting, Real Estate

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