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Accounting & Financing

Keep your client’s piggy bank safe with IT solutions for the accounting and financial services industry.

Accountants are responsible for some pretty sensitive information. That data needs to be secure, but also accessible. Both for you and your client. Otto can provide cloud-based services with the best IT security money can buy. It’s our job to keep your business efficient, compliant and secure.

Going Paperless

The days of storing and shredding client documents are long gone. It’s time to embrace the flexibility and security of the Cloud. Otto can help migrate all your files and work papers online. Just think of the savings on paper clips.

Cloud Systems

Free your business by moving all your client data to the Cloud. Flexible financial apps make banking and accounting faster, more efficient and, frankly, more fun. With Otto, there’s no need to compromise on security.

Always Online

With Otto, you can always get access to accounting and financial software. Any place, any time. Our specialist teams provide remote support and system updates 24/7. You’re never more than 6 seconds away from important data.

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Digital Agencies

When digital is your business, you can’t afford to be offline. An agency is only as good as its IT department.

Whether you’re experts in SEO, website development, graphic design or digital marketing, you need an IT system that gets the job done. Lightning fast speeds, lots of storage, and no downtime. Digital agencies live and die by their technology. It’s best not to take any chances with this stuff.

Super Speedy

Otto can provide super-fast systems and hosting services for you—and your clients. We handle everything from SSD Storage Layers to direct internet backbone connections and optimised networks. This is IT meets ISP.

Always Online

We promise reliable server uptime and round-the-clock support, wherever you are. Our managed systems come with a peace-of-mind guarantee, so you can get on with disrupting the status quo. We’ll handle the tech stuff.

Stable Platform

Stability is so important for time-sensitive industries, like digital. One crash and you’re suddenly three weeks behind. Our platforms are managed and maintained 24/7. That means your systems are stable, secure and ready to roll.

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Health & Wellbeing

You look after your patients. We look after your business. Our all-natural remedies keep your servers healthy.

Technology allows health businesses to actually step-up their level of patient care. Otto can help you become faster and more personalised, with better client service and more secure data storage. Patient records, bookings and appointments, internal CMS—we can diagnose and fix any problem.

Data & Security

Patient data needs to be secure, but also ready to hand. We can design multi-layer security systems that stay flexible and respond to your business needs. Need a private server? No problem. Looking for better encryption? We’ve got your back.

Medical Grade Internet

As an ISP and private network provider, Otto offers what’s known as Medical Grade Internet. That means 100% uptime on all systems, no matter what. Our Australian services team is on-call 24/7 with the latest 4G and fibre optic solutions.

Backup & Recovery

When you’ve got people’s health on the line, business continuity is extremely important. Otto promises 100% uptime on all systems, plus complete data recovery. In the event of a crash, we can have your patient data back within 6 seconds flat.

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Manufacturing is all about small efficiencies. But it’s hard to run a business with bad IT. Good thing Otto is here to help.

If you want to boost that bottom line, you need to invest in IT. Servers, storage, internet speeds—these are the things that can make or break a manufacturing business. Otto has helped some of Australia’s biggest manufacturers undergo digital transformation. Ready to join them?

Faster Workflows

With a proper IT system, you can actually automate many of the processes that slow you down. Otto can help you find efficiencies in your manufacturing business. It’s all about speeding things up and improving that bottom line.

Lowered Overheads

The dream of every factory. We can use automated systems and the Internet of Things to reduce your running costs. This might include temperature monitoring, security access control, time clocks and employee management.

Security & Uptime

Stability is so important for industries like manufacturing. One big crash and your inventory goes haywire. Our platforms are managed and maintained 24/7. That means your systems are stable, secure and always ready to roll.

Real Estate

When it comes to IT, the rule is: location, location, location. You need to be able to work anywhere, at any time.

The market is always moving, and so is technology. In a competitive industry like real estate, having the latest systems, the fastest connection, and the most integrated software makes all the difference. We can protect your client data with maximum transparency. Otto is always open for inspection.

Work Remotely

Real estate agents are always on the go. Otto can help you stay connected outside the office with cloud integration and bespoke tech solutions. Your staff can work anywhere, at any time, on any device. Welcome to the future of real estate.

Web Hosting

Otto currently hosts some of the largest real estate brands in Australia. And like a four-bedroom family home, they need a lot of storage. We can promise 100% uptime with super-fast connection speeds. Listings stay up, vendors stay happy.

Security & Back-up

When you’re juggling dozens of properties at once, business continuity is extremely important. Otto promises 100% uptime on all systems, plus complete data recovery. In the event of a crash, we can have your property data back within 6 seconds flat.

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Otto provides very clever IT solutions for education providers. Even schools can learn something new.

IT is the invisible hero behind all successful schools. With the right systems (and the right partner) you can improve student engagement, track results, protect your data and monitor class notes—all in the one place. Otto can teach you how to run a better, smarter and safer institution. Lesson one: the Cloud.

Cloud Solutions

You won’t believe how much time and energy you can save with the Cloud. Otto can shift all your existing files online, streamlining work submission, resource access and results sharing. Teachers can use one simple, unified system. Anywhere at any time.

Safe & Secure

You can’t take chances with student security and school data. With private networks, multi-layer encryption and secure back-up options, we can keep those test results under lock and key. In the event of a crash, we promise full data recovery.

Improved Resources

The future of education is online—everyone knows it. Otto can set-up cloud-based systems to make everyday school life simpler. With our help, you can access learning resources, improve inclusiveness, track progress and monitor attendance.

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Maximum Uptime

As an ISP and private network provider, Otto offers managed IT services and guaranteed, medical-grade internet. That means no crashes, no downtime, no security breaches and no lost revenue. Got to keep the billables ticking over, right?

Safe & Secure

Moving those filing cabinets to the Cloud will speed up business, but security should be your #1 priority. With client information floating around on hard-drives and servers, there’s too much at stake. Otto can provide round-the-clock cyber protection.

Complete Solutions

Protecting your practice is a good start, but there’s always room for improvement. With our range of IT solutions, Otto can make your business faster, smarter and more cost-efficient. We handle everything from cloud phones and data to digital transformation.

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