#5 Awesome Apps We’re Loving in 2021!

Apps make the world go round; there’s no question about it. Want to learn how to cook? There’s an app for that. What about doing some online shopping? Yes, there’s one for that too. From games to coding and learning new languages, apps make our work and personal lives more fun, engaging, and rewarding. Here are the apps we can’t get enough of in 2021.

#1 – Service Victoria

Okay, let’s start with something a little less glamorous but incredibly functional. The Victorian government launched the Service Victoria app to make interaction easier, more accessible, and faster for citizens. And let’s face it, that’s what we want from a bureaucracy! You can store and share licences and permits, check driver history and demerit points, get information, sign in for contact tracing, and even check in to local businesses.

#2 – TikTok

In our busy lives, everyone needs a chance to blow off steam, catch some entertainment, and express their own creativity – and that means TikTok. This video-sharing social platform has about 1 billion active monthly users, all of whom consume and upload homemade content designed to entertain, shock, and educate. From makeup tutorials and cooking hacks to special effects tricks, dances, pet videos and more, there’s something for everyone on TikTok. And the content is the perfect option for a bite-sized work break too.

#3 – HeadSpace 

Mental health and wellbeing have gained new emphasis in the last year or two, and employees and employers alike are seeing the benefits of meditation. Reducing stress and increasing focus to improved productivity and better sleep, meditation, and mindfulness help us balance our lives and make the most of our days. Headspace is the most popular app in this space, offering sleep guides for kids and adults, guided meditations, yoga stretches, playlists to help you focus and inspiration to wake up and take on the day!

#4 – Zoom

The Zoom app allows you to host, manage and participate in meetings wherever you are, using your mobile or tablet. You can create meetings with up to 100 participants, share your mobile or tablet screen, chat with colleagues, send files and more – all without needing your desktop or laptop. It’s perfect for working on the go, attending online classes, participating in remote fitness classes, and chatting with friends and colleagues.

#5 – LastPass

Never before in history have we ever needed to remember so many passwords! And not only remember them but also make them powerful and complex enough to resist hackers. It’s no easy task – unless you have LastPass. This app is a top password manager, generating strong and secure passwords, saving them in an encrypted vault, and making them immediately available to you across all your devices, allowing you to access networks, apps and more with one tap. It also automatically fills and securely stores payment and shipping details for online stores, and you can share your passwords when it’s needed without compromising security too.

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, #5 Awesome Apps We’re Loving in 2021!

Written by

Milan Rajkovic

Milan is the CEO at Otto – where his focus is changing IT up. Milan is highly focused and skilled in Storage, IT Service Management, IT Strategy, Professional Services, and Servers.