6 Exciting New Features of Windows 11

Windows 11 recently launched, rolling out first to new PCs and hardware with older machines set to follow in a few months. If you’re trying to find out whether it’s worth it to upgrade to the new system, we’re taking a look at what Windows 11 offers that Windows 10 doesn’t.

#1 – Open Files from the Start Menu

The start menu has been redesigned to become a useful hub for quick and easy access to file and browsing history as well as application shortcuts, making it easier to navigate to files right from the menu itself. You can set this feature in the personalisation options in Windows settings.

#2 – Easier Management of Multiple Desktops

Windows 11 takes the virtual desktop support offered in Windows 10 and makes it easier to use and more discoverable using a Desktops button (two rectangles) in the taskbar by default. If you want to add an additional desktop, all you need to do is click.

#3 – Rapid Teams Connection

Teams is fully integrated into Windows 11, putting it front and centre in the OS. All you need to do is click, and you can voice call, video chat, or text chat any of your connections. With Teams taking off, Skype is taking a back seat.

#4 – A Better App Store

The Microsoft Store has been given a polished new upgrade that offers improved curation and expanded digital content, including movies. It’s more user-friendly and it’s expected that further improvements aren’t far away as Microsoft continues to push hard on gaming.

#5 – Improved Widget Management

Widgets now get their own icon on the taskbar and there are now plenty more widgets to choose from. This lets you customise your experience according to your interests, with widgets for everything from trending news and weather reports to your favourite photos and updates on the sports teams you follow.

#6 – Snap Layouts

Windows 11 expands on the snap layouts functionality in Windows 10. In addition to being able to dray open windows to the side or corner of your screen to snap them in place, you can also use Win+Z to access predefined layouts that match the width of your display.

#7 – Stay Productive with the Clock App

This is a small but useful productivity feature for Windows 11 that helps with work, study, or play. The clock app allows you to set focus sessions, set up your tasks, and set times for them. This is fully integrated with the To Do app, and you can add other features to help set the mood and focus, such as music from Spotify.

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, 6 Exciting New Features of Windows 11

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