Large venues, public spaces, and facilities where people come and go frequently in high-traffic numbers are well-known targets for criminal activity. For security teams, the challenges are numerous – from access control and differentiating between guests, staff, and potential suspects to dealing with large-scale threats like organised robberies and terrorist attacks. Simply put, even with video surveillance, there aren’t enough eyes to keep tabs on crowds – until now.

Here’s how AI video analytics systems are making it easier and more affordable to keep hotels, casinos, and public spaces safe.

What does AI video analytics offer that other systems can’t?

When it comes to public and staff safety, it’s all about preventing a crime – and if it isn’t prevented, it’s about delivering an effective response. Here’s how AI video analytics does it all.

  • Predictive security – Law enforcement and security providers keep a huge amount of data on persons of interest, including known criminals and persons of interest. AI is all about pattern recognition, so these systems can scan the area and send off an alert in real-time to the relevant authorities so they can act quickly and remove them from the premises. This is also important for non-violent illegal activities, such as dealing drugs, traffic violations, and parking violations. 
  • Crime mapping – By analysing massive volumes of historical and current data, these systems develop reports that map out vulnerable areas in public spaces to make forecasts/predictions to inform law enforcement and security provider strategies. This not only maps the areas where these crimes happen and the times of day, but it can also track individual persons of interest and car licenses and trigger alerts when they are in the area.
  • Traffic flow – Whether it’s a high rate of traffic from people or vehicles, AI camera systems can deliver exceptional traffic management. This ranges from alerting security staff or law enforcement about overcrowding or congestion, to resetting traffic signals and alerts to reroute vehicles and people onto better routes. It can also assist with real-time parking management, helping save people time and frustration. 
  • Emergency response – In crowded or busy areas, responding to an emergency is very challenging, as is routing people and traffic away to safety. AI video analysis systems can be programmed to identify various emergencies – fires, gunfire, flooding, and violent behaviour – and send alerts in real-time to relevant authorities while triggering a safety response protocol to move people away from the danger. It can also be utilised forensically to identify perpetrators or sources of the emergency. Finally, user behaviour analysis can identify potential sources of security threats in real-time – for example, a backpack left in a public space, a firearm or knife, or even suspicious behaviour. 
  • Unauthorised access – AI systems can be programmed to deliver alerts in the event of unauthorised access, whether it is a fan jumping the barrier into a VIP section, a guest moving into an employee-only space, or a staff member accessing a space they do not have clearance for. It can also use behavioural analysis to detect suspicious or problematic behaviour from authorised persons, helping to prevent stock theft, vandalism, and insider threats. 

While there’s no such thing as guaranteed security, AI video analytics systems offer one of the most affordable and cost-effective means of getting towards this goal. Not only does the system never sleep or get distracted, but it’s also intelligent enough to distinguish real threats from false alarms, as well as take appropriate, rapid action if a security threat is present.

Whether you run a hotel or casino, have a large sporting or event facility, or need to manage a space open to the public, managing your security effectively is critical. Chat with Otto, the leading IT company in Melbourne, for an exceptional and cost-effective solution. We work with businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, and with all budgets.

, AI Video Systems Combat Security Threats to Hotels, Casinos, Public Spaces, and Large Venues

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