Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing an IT Services Provider

As businesses increasingly digitise across all sectors and industries, so technology spending is soaring. In Australia, Gartner expects tech spend to reach around AU$90 billion in 2020, with the banking and securities sector alone seeing an increase in spending of 5.2% from 2019. As this spend increases, however, so does the need for trained IT specialist services to effectively manage this technology. As companies seek managed IT services to meet this need, it’s important to ensure that you are partnering with the right organisation. These questions will help you better understand this field and what different service providers are offering, assisting you in your search.

  1. What are Managed IT Services?

 Let’s start with the fundamentals to ensure that you understand what it is that these providers offer and how they can support your business operations. Managed IT services providers focus on becoming the IT partner that many businesses need – we hire people with the skills to deliver services that cover every business IT need, so you don’t have to.

Some offer comprehensive services, while others specialise in particular aspects of IT, like cyber security (malware protection, application security, firewalls, etc.), IAM (Identity Access Management), cloud and data storage, data backup and disaster recovery, Microsoft technologies or enterprise management solutions.

These services allow you to either supplement your own IT department with particular skills or roles you do not want to manage yourself, or they can deliver a comprehensive solution where they become your end-to-end IT services provider in these fields.

  1. What Managed Services are the Most Essential?

Choosing a managed IT services provider is all about finding a provider that offers the services your company needs, that are appropriate to your organisation and industry. If you are in doubt, partner with someone who offers comprehensive services and can deliver a tailored package for your business.

Before you choose someone, it’s important to make sure that they have the availability, experience and expertise to run the technologies you already have or the consulting expertise to advise you on a solution you want to implement, that they are available 24/7 to provide ongoing support, that they can manage your project from design through implementation to ongoing support, and that they can guide you in making decisions on different vendors and technologies through their professional network.

  1. What About Data and Network Security?

This is one of the biggest IT concerns for most businesses as they become more data-focussed and data-driven. It’s essential for your operation’s viability, your reputation and your clients that all data is kept secured from malware, ransomware and other often-devastatingly costly security breaches. A high-quality managed IT services provider should have a dedicated service specifically to focus on security.

There is no provider who can 100%-guarantee that your network and data will never be breached. However, they should work with you on a continual basis not only to implement a comprehensive security solution, but also to keep this system updated, provide a rapid and effective response in the event of a breach and – critically – ensure your system is fully backed up and can be restored. This ensures minimal downtime, reduces the often-crippling costs of a severe breach, and helps you get back to work as soon as possible.

In addition, your managed IT services provider should be able to assist you in creating anIT security policy that provides a clear roadmap for your organisation to protect itself against cyber-attacks, manage BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) requirements, and proactively identify and address known and unknown threats.

  1. Can They Assist with Data Storage?

As part of an effective data security and data management service, your managed IT services provider should be able to help you select, implement and manage a data security system that works with your business requirements. Your partner is an invaluable resource for evaluating different cloud offerings and vendors, selecting the correct cloud environment, and recommending cloud solutions, as well as helping you decide between cloud-based storage and on-site data centres.

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, Ask These 4 Questions When Choosing an IT Services Provider

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