Biometric Tech Make Workplace and Device Security Simpler

Not so long ago, biometric tech was primarily a tool for top-secret laboratories and sci-fi films. Today, it’s part of our everyday life. Let’s take a quick look at how biometric technology is making it simpler to stay secure on personal and work devices.

So, what is biometric tech?

Even though you’re probably already using it, many people don’t know exactly what it is. That’s okay – it’s what we’re here for. Essentially, it’s a type of technology that relies on the physical characteristics that make you unique, using recognition technology to grant access. Hand and fingerprints, iris patterns, facial recognition, and voice recognition are all biometric technologies. Your smartphone unlocking when it recognises your face or fingerprint is biometric technology, and so is Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant’s ability to recognise you as an authorised user.

How can businesses and employees use biometric tech?

Like any other security technology, biometrics add an additional layer of protection to help shield what’s important to your business and personal life. From your personal financial information and social media accounts to business accounts and client data, it can all get a little bit more secure by using biometric tech.

  • Use tech that is already there – Many pieces of hardware already have biometric capabilities, so make sure that they’re enabled. From mobiles used for work to current laptops, you can usually add biometric layers of security easily on the device itself.
  • Restricted data access – If everyone in your business has access to all your business’s data, that means that anyone – intentionally or unintentionally – can bring your business down. A stolen laptop can mean access to business banking accounts, a smartphone that’s stolen can be used to leak projects, and a malicious employee can put your data at risk. Biometrics can be used to determine who can access what data, implementing levels of security for more sensitive areas of your business.
  • Restricted physical access – Similarly, you can also use biometric tech to secure your business premises, using fingerprint or facial recognition to allow access into the building, to different restricted sectors of the building, and sensitive areas of the property.
  • Improved customer service and security – Great customer service can often be held up by necessary but time-consuming and often frustrating verification processes. But if you capture (and responsibly secure) your customer or client’s biometric information, you can use this to allow them access to their accounts, to make transactions, and change important information as they need. This takes a burden off your staff and makes life a lot easier for your customer, as they can access your app or their account with their fingerprint, voice, or face.

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, Biometric Tech Make Workplace and Device Security Simpler

Written by

Milan Rajkovic

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