Private wealth management and accounting services

Our client is an accounting firm with 50 staff that specializes in private wealth management and accounting services for small to medium enterprises in Australia.
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Melbourne, Victoria

Length of relationship

8 years

Key equipment/products/services provided

Data centre hosting, cloud services for all their front-line business systems, backup and data recovery services, network management, internet, proactive IT support, and IT strategy consulting.

The problem

When we first met, they were having challenges that stemmed from inadequate IT support services. The business was running off outdated equipment located onsite, and the majority of IT infrastructure was not covered under warranty. They were running a cassette-based backup system, which was not in line with the business requirements.

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The consequences

Due to the inadequate support and infrastructure in place, the business was facing challenges relating to efficiency loss, poor staff experience, and repeated outages that were impacting the services they provide to their clients.

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The solution

Otto’s first major project was to modernise technology in the business by implementing more cloud services, which increased performance and reliability of their IT and business systems. Along with this, we refreshed the end-user hardware, rolling out new PCs and dual monitors paired with the new cloud systems. This provided a much better experience for both staff and customers.

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The challenges

Change management, especially uptake of the new technology for more senior staff.