Digital Transformation, multi departments, great success!

How we helped a regional local council transform their operations, move to the cloud and win a major technology award.
Case Study


Western Victoria

Length of relationship

Working with Otto since 2019

Key equipment/products/services provided

Digital transformation, data migration, help desk support, network monitoring, infrastructure upgrades and licensing.

The problem

The client had a legacy onsite server and network setup with poor performance and limitations.

Case Study Digital Agencies

The consequences

Staff were unable to access data unless they were physically in the office. Their network also experienced poor performance due to it being a legacy solution.

Case Study Digital Agencies

The solution

Otto implemented a complete IT refresh and digital transformation for the client, moving them from a legacy onsite solution to primarily SaaS and cloud-based technologies.

Case Study Digital Agencies

The challenges

The leadership team of the client were fantastic in supporting the project. Moving long term staff from a “this is how we’ve always done it” to “wow, this is so much better” took a little more management, but so rewarding for everyone involved.