From rural to rocking – High-tech local government transformation

See how the Otto team helped a rural local council transform into a cutting-edge service provider for the digital age! From streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration to providing 24/7 support and data backup, this council embodies the benefits of local government transformation.
Case Study


Victoria, north-east of Melbourne

Length of relationship

Working with Otto since 2013

Key equipment/products/services provided

Project services, managed network solutions, IT support, internet services, backup and disaster recovery solutions

The problem

Their office was hit by a lightning strike, destroying their servers, and taking the client completely offline.

Case Study Government Benalla

The consequences

The entire business was offline for several days. This meant lost productivity for the team as no one was able to work. The incident was a genuine worst-case scenario for any client.

Case Study Government Benalla

The solution

We had to recover as much data as we could from the damaged servers. We then rebuilt their network based on the information we had available and got 90% of their applications running within 4 days.

Case Study Government Benalla

The challenges

A big challenge was recovering data from the damaged server hard drives. We managed to rebuild the boot sector of one of the hard disks which allowed us to recover their active directory which was the key to rebuilding their network with the correct permissions in place for the team.