Food manufacturing group

Our client  is a family-owned and operated business that works in the further food processing space. As a food manufacturer, they are currently servicing clients Australia-wide and internationally. They have a primary focus on value-added manufacturing for meat and poultry products, but that has since changed to incorporate meat-free products as well.
IT services, Case Study Manufacturing


Melbourne, Victoria

Length of relationship

14 years

Key equipment/products/services provided

Production line automation, optimisation of IT systems and budget, internet services, management of the IT ecosystem, workflow streamlining and compliance systems.

The problem

Overall, there was a lack of investment in their IT infrastructure. IT was viewed as a thing that they just needed to have but didn’t really utilise it to its fullest. We were first contacted because they were having ongoing reliability issues with their primary internet connection. By teaming up with Otto, we helped identify areas in which we could assist them to have much more effective use of their IT systems and budget.

IT services, Case Study Manufacturing

The consequences

All online services would be offline for a couple of days, so communications and productivity would come to a standstill. Without the right infrastructure and solutions, production lines were inefficient, with oversight and communications challenges.

IT services, Case Study Manufacturing

The solution

Our first action was to implement a more reliable internet connection, which reduced downtime and increased productivity. We’ve also implemented failover solutions for the Internet.

After that, the first project was the implementation of Microsoft Navision, fully in compliance with the obligations set forth by their accreditation bodies. We then began providing IT consultancy, and assisted in selecting the correct provider to install Microsoft NAV. We also provided support on going through the tender or quote process.

From there, we began assisting with the management of the onsite hardware that hosted their critical business systems. Next, we rolled out fibre internet, and began proactive management of the entire IT ecosystem. We then implemented Wise, Maxotel VOIP and a migration to IT infrastructure hosted in the DC.

We are now moving to SharePoint and Business Central which will integrate with key systems to automate processes like stock ordering. We also assisted with the creation of online forms to help streamline workflows.

IT services, Case Study Manufacturing

The challenges

Maintaining compliance with regulatory bodies, implementing solutions with minimal disruption to business operations, and training staff to utilise the new automated technologies.