Case Study – Disaster Recovery in Health

How we helped a major regional health service get back online and on track with manual data recovery, a new disaster recovery and backup plan and exceptional service delivery!
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Victoria, north of Melbourne

Length of relationship

Working with Otto since 1999

Key equipment/products/services provided

Manual data recovery, new disaster recovery and backup system, new IT network

The problem

Their main IBM server suddenly stopped working, causing 2 days of downtime for staff.

, Case Study

The consequences

They no longer had access to their staff roster, creating confusion around who was on duty for what days. They were forced to spend less time with patients as they were busy trying to find workarounds to get their work done during downtime.

, Case Study

The solution

We rebuilt their server from a mixed bag of recovery tapes. The process of recovering their data from the incomplete system and failed hard disks took approximately 30 hours of work

, Case Study

The challenges

Getting the information needed from the failed hard disks in the server was a big challenge, as their backup and recovery system was outdated and insufficient for their operations.