Alpine Shire Council

Alpine Shire Council are a smaller regional council located in north-east Victoria. They provide more than 70 services to residents and visitors, as well as protecting the area unique natural and cultural heritage. Council’s core values are accountability, leadership, productivity, integrity, nurturing and engagement.
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Victoria, north-east Melbourne

Length of relationship

Working with Otto since 2020

Key equipment/products/services provided

3rd level support, project work

The problem

When a new IT manager joined, he was unable to understand their network/setup due to having limited documentation available. The network was also put together by different service providers, resulting in a lack of consistency.

outsourced IT, Case Study Government

The consequences

This caused a lot of random ad-hoc issues for their staff, resulting in frustration and the inability for them to perform in their roles. They also had a lot of outages due to their inconsistent network setup. It was challenging for the client to what technology had been implemented, what would be needed, and how to manage this.

outsourced IT, Case Study Government

The solution

We were brought in for a full strategy review of their site and to document what we could. From this, we produced a roadmap to get them to their desired state and supplied advice on the best place to start. The project included several updates to their software and servers, as well as installing new, consistent NBN connections.

outsourced IT, Case Study Government

The challenges

Understanding the network setup with limited documentation.