It’s human nature to fear change, but when that change starts delivering rewards, trust starts growing! We saw it with electricity from the 1920s, and we’re seeing it with AI now. As consumers start to understand the technology and, more importantly, how helpful it is, trust is growing. And that’s good news for businesses! 

Important statistics about consumer trust and AI 

In 2023, we’re seeing a lot more AI in our daily lives – but it’s taken a while for it to catch on. After all, Siri was invented in 2011, when smart homes and AI were just a spark in the consumer imagination. In recent years, as data has become key to organisational growth, decision-making, productivity, and customer service, so this technology has filtered into our daily lives and become much more normal and expected.

As a result, positive attitudes towards AI are on the rise for consumers, with a recent Blumberg Capital survey showing:

  • General happiness and acceptance of AI technologies amongst Baby Boomers, Millennials, and Gen Z
  • Greatest affinity to AI amongst the largest consumer generations (Millennials and Gen Z)
  • 85% of people believe that AI will improve both patient care and delivery of healthcare services
  • 86% agree that AI will improve healthcare data access and collaboration
  • 78% saying AI will help financial services keep their data more secure
  • 45% are happy that AI is being used for fraud detection
  • 81% believe that AI is useful in helping them manage their personal finances and budget
  • Generally, consumers are happy that AI is utilised in the supply chain to deliver more convenience, speedier service, and more value
  • 74% are happy for AI to be used in manufacturing automation and product delivery while 62% said it’s better to use AI for achieving this rather than not using the technology at all
  • 42% say AI has improved customer service and reduced complaints

Keep your AI use worthy of consumer trust

To reap the business level rewards this technology offers, it’s important that consumer trust in AI keeps growing. That means using it honestly, ethically, and transparency. It means showing that your employees and consumers are not paying a cost through AI adoption. And it means utilising best-case AI technologies not to cut corners, but to deliver a better result to the consumer in line with their goals while keeping their data secure.

It’s clearly not just a matter of investing in AI period. Instead, businesses need the right AI systems, the right mindset for adoption, the right processes in place, and to invest in AI where it will make the most impact.

That’s where Otto can help! 

At Otto, we work with your tech staff and leadership to develop customised roadmaps for your budget and sector, setting you up and supporting you with the best tech to deliver the results that matter most. In addition to creating and deploying AI technologies, we can supplement your tech department or run it ourselves, supply you with vCIO and consulting services, deliver tech support, implement hybrid working solutions, and so much more.