Google Issues Warning – Update Your Chrome Today

At 52.4% of the market share, Google’s Chrome is the most widely used browser in Australia. As a result, the browser is a significant target for hackers and other cybercriminals, who aim to break into the browser to compromise your data security, sell sensitive personal information, or install malware. At the end of September, Google released version 94.0.4606.61 for Windows, Mac, and Linux to cover a significant vulnerability known as CVE-2021-37973. Now this may sound like a lot of tech jargon to the average reader, but there is one important takeaway – you need to update your chrome browser today.

Multiple Flaws Found in Google Chrome

As hackers become more sophisticated and technology evolves, so cracks can start appearing in existing tech. As part of maintaining Chrome, Google runs regular audits and reports on the browser, looking for vulnerabilities that start appearing and responding to them as quickly as possible – and hopefully faster than cybercriminals discover them.

In the latest report, 21 different security vulnerabilities were discovered, including CVE-2021-37973. This was an especially significant flaw as it has been linked to the 11th zero-day exploit attack of 2021. A zero-day vulnerability is one that the developer has only just discovered, essentially giving them zero days in which to repair the issue – essentially, hackers found this vulnerability before Google did, and are already using it for attacks.

Act Quickly to Update Chrome

To repair this flaw, Google has released an update for Chrome. Because this flaw is already leading to attacks, it is essential that users update their browser to the new version as quickly as possible to avoid becoming a victim.

Here’s how to update Chrome:

  • Open up Google Chrome
  • Click on the three dots on the top right of your browser window

Click on Update Google Chrome

If you are using an Android device, you can:

  • Open the Play Store app
  • Tap the profile icon on the top right of the screen
  • Tap Manage apps and devices
  • Scroll to Chrome
  • Tap Update next to the app icon

The update takes a very short amount of time to load, and Chrome will be relaunched as soon as the patch is in place.

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, Google Issues Warning – Update Your Chrome Today

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