How Managed IT Services Support Your Remote Workers

Since the dawn of the digital age, remote working has slowly gained ground as an alternative to the traditional workplace. Of course, the events of 2020 pushed this trend into overdrive – and it looks like it’s here to stay. This brings both benefits and drawbacks to companies as well as their workers, with IT issues being one of the most common headaches remote workers and employers face. Here’s how the right managed IT services provider can support your remote employees to ensure that they can deliver results.

#1 – Providing Exceptional, Multilayer Cybersecurity

In today’s world, data security is one of the most significant challenges that businesses face, regardless of the size of your business or the industry you’re in. Every company is dealing with sensitive project data, client information, employee information and financial data – and it is absolutely critical that this is properly protected. In fact, one of the biggest barriers to remote working in the past was that it made it much more difficult to keep this data safe.

Managed IT services providers can effectively overcome this challenge by providing custom data security solutions that not only secure your workplace but secure all your employee’s devices and your network regardless of where they are working. This multilayer approach includes firewalls, VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), antivirus software, multifactor authentication and other state-of-the-art cybersecurity barriers, backed up by comprehensive IT security policies, staff training and active, 24/7 monitoring of your network for potential threats and breaches.

#2 – Supplying Collaborative Software Solutions

Regardless of where your employees are working from, you need to be able to ensure that they can work together as effectively as they would if they were all in the same office. That means investing in software and tech solutions that effectively support communication, collaboration, project management and more. While there are hundreds of solutions out there, it’s difficult to know what would work best for your business and your employees if you’re not a specialist in this field.

That’s where your managed IT services provider becomes invaluable. They will work within your budget, applying their expertise to source and implement a solution that offers all the functionality you and your employees need without sacrificing security, slowing you down or causing a headache.

#3 – Providing 24/7 IT Support

Easily accessible, expert IT support is a must-have for any workplace, but it’s especially important when you are managing a remote team. Not only will they design and implement your IT solutions, but they’re also there to train your employees, troubleshoot the inevitable issues that occur, and ease the transition onto new technology and software – and beyond.

With easy access to IT experts any time of day or night, any IT issue can be solved quickly and easily, with minimum disruption to employee productivity. For teams working remotely, this is an absolutely vital aspect to success, helping to manage the transition effectively, solving the more complex issues that come with remotely accessing networks from home, and ensuring that employees feel supported and empowered at all times.

#4 – Effective Management of Change and Growth

The business world of today is nothing like it was two years ago – and who knows what the next few years will bring? This has been a time of massive upheaval and transition for businesses and employees, and the uncertainty isn’t over yet. As you forge your new path ahead, you need a partner who can take the growing burden of IT off your hands by supporting your transition through the latest technological solutions. With the right managed IT services provider, you can focus on planning the future of your organisation and bringing that vision to life, knowing that your IT systems are as secure, efficient and effective as possible.

Secure and Empower Your Remote Employees – Speak to Your Managed IT Services Partner

As an independent managed IT services provider that’s not affiliated with any software manufacturer, we can partner with your business to make remote working more effective, more productive and more secure than ever before. Otto IT works with small and medium-sized businesses in diverse fields to bring the benefits of tech, cloud services, cybersecurity and collaborative tools to you, affordably.

, How Managed IT Services Support Your Remote Workers

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