How to Keep Your Data Safe on the Go

Whether your work keeps you on the road, you’re a remote worker looking for a change of scenery, or you work on your commute, your data may be at risk. Here’s how to stay safe on the go.

#1 – Use Secure Networks

Public Wi-Fi isn’t always as safe as you think! The organisation supplying you with Wi-Fi may not have the best security themselves – and that’s not to mention the potential danger of cybercriminals using the network to hack data or realistic-looking fake public Wi-Fi networks set up by hackers to lure you in. Whatever network you’re using, make sure it is properly secured before you log on. It’s also a good idea to disable auto-connect so your device doesn’t automatically jump onto networks as you move within range.

#2 – Invest in a VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes any network you use secure, so it’s perfect if you’re using Wi-Fi from your provider, your office, your home, or even a coffee shop. It basically creates your own private internet connection, encrypting your data and making it very difficult for anyone to spy on you. The best options, like NordVPN, Surfshark and ExpressVPN, are affordable and subscription-based, offering state-of-the-art security that’s not hard on your wallet.

#3 – Activate Device Security

Your mobile and tablet have in-built security features that are especially useful to mobile, travelling and remote workers, so don’t forget to activate them. After all, your device can easily be lost or stolen while you’re on the move. While these measures may not be foolproof on their own, every layer of security helps to build a stronger protective shield overall, so use a VPN on your devices, activate biometric and password security (and use a strong password), and take a few minutes to read up on additional security features each device offers.

#4 – Disable Location Sharing

Location sharing is incredibly useful, but it’s not a great idea when it comes to security – data and personal. If your accounts or device is compromised or public, a cybercriminal can easily see where you are. This can make your hotel room a target when you’re out, your home a target when you’re away, and your data a target if hackers want to target you personally or target your organisation. Remember, it’s not just about you sharing your location; it’s about other people on your network sharing it too – and their security may not be as good as yours. Rather keep your pictures, check-ins and updates that can reveal your location private or upload them after you’re back.

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, How to Keep Your Data Safe on the Go

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