IT Security

Lock up your data. It’s wild out there.
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Cybersecurity has gone way beyond anti-virus software. Otto can help protect your data, your bottom line, and your reputation.

Every business needs to ask themselves: what do I stand to lose right now? Do you have layered security protection? Is your clients’ information safe? Otto can keep your network, data and private information under lock and key. We can also train your staff, to avoid any oh-god-what-just-happened security slips.

Advanced Co-Managed Services

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data protection, IT Security Solutions-old

IT Security Services from Otto includes:


Cybersecurity is evolving all the time. Unfortunately, so is cybercrime. We’ll help you stay one step ahead with the best hardware and software solutions. Everything you need to keep your networks, and your data, safe.


You’d be surprised how many cyber breaches come down to simpler human error. A staff member opens the wrong email. They click the wrong link. They browse the wrong site. Otto runs cyber workshops to keep your team up to scratch.

Breached Credential Detection

Attacks on certain networks are almost inevitable, but they don’t have to be catastrophic. We proactively monitor stolen or compromised data using something called Breached Credential Protection. When we find a threat, we shut it down. Simple.

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