How Much Does Network Downtime Really Cost You?

Wondering how much downtime would actually cost your business? Try our calculator for loss of productivity.
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Ot Contheader | Business Continuity Solutions

$7,850 per minute – that’s the average loss a business will experience when their internet is down.

Of course, that figure will differ according to your business’s size, risk tolerance, and other environmental factors.

When we look at it this way, even 30 minutes of downtime can have a considerable effect on a business, combining immediate costs with knock-on effects that take considerably longer to mitigate. And the timing of an outage can be critical too. If you run an e-commerce company and your network and website goes down at 2 am for 30 minutes, the losses may not be too bad. However, if they go down during the day or a sale or key retail season, the costs can be significant.

Knowing how much downtime costs is integral when trying to formulate a disaster recovery solution.
Before being able to consider your downtime cost, you will need to calculate your lost productivity and lost revenue first.