Online Meetings? Here’s Why We Like Microsoft Teams

Whether you’ve switched to remote working through necessity, have remote workers as part of your business structure, or simply want to make flexibility a part of your workplace moving forward, you’re going to need software solutions to keep you in touch and working together. But which one? There are plenty of solutions out there, all with their pros and cons, so we thought we’d share with you why Microsoft Teams is a top choice for our tech team.

#1 – You Probably Already Have It

What’s better than a solution you already have? If your computers are working off Office 365, then you likely already have access to Microsoft Teams, as it’s included in most of the offerings with this software. It wasn’t used a lot before the events of 2020, but since then it has really come into its own. And there’s nothing quite like avoiding the hassle of installing a new program on your system and making sure every person on your team has it on their system!

#2 – It Has Good Security and Privacy

Two of the most important concerns regarding remote working are security and privacy – and Microsoft Teams has better features for tackling this issue than most competitors. It has multifactor authentication, secure guest access, data encryption for data in transit and at rest, and file storage on secure backup. It fits neatly into your existing IT security policies and makes flexible or remote working simpler, safer and less risky.

#3 – Full Suite Integration

If you are already using the full Microsoft suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.), then this is the ideal online communications platform because it is already fully integrated. This means your team doesn’t have to switch between programs to do different tasks, there are no accessibility problems when sharing files, and it’s easy to search for emails or notes. You can be on an online meeting, working with those colleagues on an Excel spreadsheet or Word document, and have it all safely stored on the cloud as you work.

#4 – Features, Features, Features

This is a very feature-rich platform, so it’s a mistake to think it’s just useful for online calls and video meetings. It has instant messaging, the Planner app, OneNote, SharePoint, and Power BI. It also has streamlined and group emailing channels based on topic, task, or team, you can pin important files to chats for quick access, and you have access to a Whiteboard. It also has a great activity feed for monitoring everything you do on the platform, acting as your very own personal assistant.

#5 – Device Compatibility

Microsoft Teams also works on any device, regardless of whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, and regardless of manufacturer. It’s completely mobile-friendly and fully functional, allowing you to work at the office, at home, or on the go.

#6 – Create Your Work From Home Space

Okay, so this is more of a fun feature than anything else, but we all know how important it is to personalise and enjoy your workspace – and that’s not always easy when you’re working from home. Microsoft Teams allows you to set your backdrop so people don’t get distracted looking around the inside of your home, placing you in Paris, in a garden, or even in a galaxy of stars depending on your mood.

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, Online Meetings? Here’s Why We Like Microsoft Teams

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