Workplace wellness is a trend that just keeps getting better and better! And we can’t blame you for wanting to get on board. After all, it boosts employee morale and engagement, increases productivity, creates a more inclusive culture, reduces absenteeism, and even helps prevent heart disease, so what’s not to love?

While many businesses like the idea of workplace wellness, a common stumbling block is how to put it into action. While these strategies should be tailored to your budget, employee needs, and even your brand focus, we’ve put together some actionable ideas that anyone can use to get started!

#1 – Physical wellness

When we get up and get moving, we see great results. Our stress levels and blood pressure drop, we get a boost of energy and oxygen floods through our brains and bodies. Not only does it help reduce illness risks, anxiety, depression, and risk of heart attacks, but it also makes us more focused and creative in problem-solving.

  • Sponsorship and engagement for personal goals – From office athletes to those of us still trying to stick to our New Year’s resolutions, supporting personal fitness goals are a great way for businesses to encourage wellness. Ask your teams to let you know when they’re training for a marathon or bike ride, or even hitting the gym. Create some millstones to share with your teams, share their success stories, and even sponsor them as a company when they work out for a good cause. It’s great for building strong team relationships and a sense of community too. 
  • 5-minute breaks – Just 5 minutes of activity each hour refreshes your body and mind, helps to refocus and boosts productivity. The best version of this is to take a 5-minute walk, sit outdoors, or even just have a chat while you walk around the office. This can also be combined with events like 5 minutes of stretching, breathing exercises, or having a glass of lemon water. 
  • In-house competitions – Keep in mind this is meant to be fun and not everyone enjoys intense physical exercise! Making things competitive in an enjoyable way is a great bonding experience and doesn’t need to push people too far out of their comfort zones. Teams and individuals can have monthly events for the most steps taken, the most gym visits, the most kilometres covered, or anything else that catches your fancy. Combine this with a prize like an afternoon off or ordering lunch. 

#2 – Mental wellness

Our brains didn’t develop in a way that accommodates the constant flow of stress in daily life or the ability to focus effectively for 8-hour stretches. This takes a toll on work and life, increasing risks of depression and anxiety as well as heart disease, obesity, and a weakened immune system.

  • Meditation events – Host meditation classes once or twice a week and give people a quiet break space where they can practice their technique. Meditating for just 10-15 minutes lowers stress hormone levels, balances the mind, and helps people think clearly and creatively. This can be supported by app subscriptions to Calm, GPS for the Soul, My Mood Tracker, and Happify. 
  • Lunch and learn events – Learning and curiosity should always be fostered and encouraged, not only because it’s great for team development but also because learning something new is a very healthy exercise for mental well-being. Short lunchtime workshops can include any areas of interest for your team, but don’t need to be work-related. Have an artist come in and show their work, a pianist performance, an interesting lecture, a yoga class, or anything else that appeals to your teams. 
  • Financial fitness – Finances are one of the most stressful areas of most people’s lives, so having an event hosted by budgeting and financial specialists can be a great way to support your team’s mental well-being! You can also make financial coaching available to your employees or provide subscriptions to apps like Mint, You Need a Budget, Personal Capital, or Digit.

Remember to make it easy for employees to submit their input to help shape what initiatives they’d like to see, what they do or don’t enjoy, and get ideas on how to best expand your wellness workplace strategy!

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, Practical Ideas for Your Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

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Jordan Papadopoulos

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