Ransomware Action Plan Recommendations Set the Standard for Businesses

For some time now, cyberattacks have been a growing, sophisticated threat towards all organisations, including businesses, governmental bodies, and non-profits. In light of this, a collaboration between the government, businesses, and industry leaders has led to the new Ransomware Action Plan. This strategy is designed to strengthen Australia’s cyber capabilities to build cyber resilience, and secure your systems, data, and customers. Here’s what this plan is putting into action.

Three objectives to guide the fight against ransomware

The action plan focuses on three key pillars to strengthen Australian businesses against ransomware cyber-attacks. This includes:

  • Preparation and prevention strategies to improve resilience against attacks
  • Response and recovery strategies by creating support to assist victims
  • Disruption and deterrence strategies that strengthen Australia’s law enforcement against cybercriminals

Recommendations from the Ransomware Action Plan

To achieve these objectives, the plan is putting the following into action:

  • Education and training resources to increase awareness around the threat of ransomware in the public mind, help people to better protect their online data, avoid threats, and respond in the event of a breach.
  • Increased cybersecurity for key infrastructure to protect systems of national importance.
  • Business advice and resources on how to prepare for and prevent ransomware attacks, and advice for protecting large, medium and small businesses.
  • Reforms and incentives that support the cybersecurity resilience of the economy.
  • Mandatory reporting of cyberattacks, most notably where the breach has exposed personal information.
  • IDCARE funding to support cybercrime victims.
  • Greater information sharing between key parties, including businesses, industry, and communities.
  • A new, multi-agency law enforcement operation known as Operation Orcus focussed on the issue of ransomware. This will be led by the Australian Federal Police.
  • New powers for the Australian Federal Police for the detection of threats, identification of cybercriminals, freezing of their accounts, and prosecution of their networks. This will also include a stand-alone offence for all forms of cyber extortion, joint operations with national and international counterparts, and actively exposing those that facilitate or provide safety to cybercriminals.

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, Ransomware Action Plan Recommendations Set the Standard for Businesses

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