As with any business, Otto as an MSP is facing the challenge of an uncertain economy, geo-political flux, rising costs, and more. But do we look worried? No! And since it’s the month of love, we thought we’d share our secret – the one we hold closest to our hearts. Are you ready? Here goes!

We give our clients tech and services that make their lives and businesses better.

Yeah, that’s all there is to it!

Keeping with the theme of Valentine’s Day, we reckon that a great customer-MSP relationship is like a great marriage. When your partner is exhausted from working hard to reach their career or life goals, you step in and do their share of the dishes and meal prep, take out the garbage, and even throw in a foot rub.

Now, we’re not saying we’ll come into your home, whip out the massage oil and tell you to take off your shoes – but we’re here to do the equivalent through tech.

You see, as a small business ourselves, we know just how much continuous hard work, sweat, tears, and money it takes to keep moving towards goals. There’s no way that you can just lean into that hustle culture and somehow become an expert in everything, a superhuman who can take on every task that needs doing. You need to focus on the heart of your business, the vision for your future, and the space where your passion and talent lie.

We’re just here to make everything else easier. Like a good partner should!

Here’s how we get to the heart of IT

Every day, we’re blown away by how incredible technology is – but we also know that unless it’s something that will work for your business specifically, it’s off the table. This Boston Dynamics robot dog is the height of robotic innovation, but it’s not exactly useful for medical or law practices. Similarly, digital twin technology is a huge game changer for engineering and product design but is going to gather dust in a sales department.

The key to our client’s hearts is getting to know their business from top to bottom – understanding them the way you would your partner. We want to know what thrills you and what makes you want to tear your hair out, what you dream of and what worries you at 2 am.

And we’re not just talking about the big bosses here – we’re talking about your teams too. After all, your staff drive your success, so the tools and services we deliver need to make them happy too!

We want you to want to work with us for the long term, which is why we invest in our partnership with you. Not only do we have proven technologies at our fingertips and a very human team to fix every IT issue, but we also guide your digitisation strategy and help you find what works, measure its impact through business-context KPIs, train up your staff, and stick around for the long haul.

So, with that in mind, give us a call and set up a date with our award-winning MSP in Melbourne.