Is your business poised to migrate to the cloud? Here are the 5 most common approaches to cloud migration to ensure you have a strategy built for success.

#1 – Rehosting 

This is the simplest and fasted approach, where you take your existing systems and move them directly onto a cloud host. It’s called a ‘lift and shift’, where very few things need to change in the migration process and operations can continue as normal. This only works in smaller businesses where you are already using systems that are fully compatible with cloud solutions.

, The 5 Approaches to Cloud Migration

#2 – Replatforming 

This involves evaluating your current systems and moving to cloud platforms that offer more advanced capabilities that your business can benefit from. Rather than just shifting all your processes onto the cloud, your strategy is based on optimising processes for a cloud environment. This is a good option for smaller and newer businesses where applications with limited can be swapped out for improved, feature-rich cloud-based options.

#3 – Repurchasing

In larger or more specialised businesses, there’s usually a lot of older software and applications that are functional but not up to the current needs of the business. This is called legacy software, and it usually needs to be replaced with a new solution you can purchase from a third-party vendor. Your replacement options will have to be evaluated in terms of your business processes and available cloud options so that your migration can move forward.

#4 – Refactoring               

For larger businesses, the main goal of cloud migration is growth. In these types of migrations, strategy is focussed on adding onto existing infrastructure by utilising the functionality of the cloud. This usually involves swapping out legacy applications and applications with limited functionality for cloud-based solutions before building onto this infrastructure.

#5 – Retention 

Moving completely to the cloud isn’t ideal for every business, which is where the hybrid cloud model comes in. Here, businesses are able to optimise certain processes and operations by moving them onto the cloud while retaining others on-site. This is a preferred model for businesses in industries with high compliance and security needs who also want the scalability, flexibility, and agility the cloud offers.

, The 5 Approaches to Cloud Migration

Find your fit for cloud migration 

Otto is a leading provider of IT consulting services in Melbourne, assisting businesses of all sizes and in all industries in planning and managing their cloud migration. Moving to the cloud sounds simple, but for it to be effective and affordable, it needs to be done the right way. At Otto, we’ll deliver and implement your cloud migration strategy, including world-class cloud solutions and IT support, ensuring that your business finds the perfect fit.

, The 5 Approaches to Cloud Migration

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