This month we’ve been talking a lot about the IT skills shortage in Australia – in fact, it’s come up a few times in the last 12 months. And that’s no surprise! The sector is the 7th largest employer in the country, but it’s under huge pressure to hit 1 million jobs – that’s an extra 260,000 jobs – by 2025. With everyone from government organisations to manufacturers and small businesses digitising, EVERYONE needs an IT team, yet there’s no one available.

That’s where your MSP can be invaluable – if you have the right partner.

Gone are the days when your MSP simply helped to fix your laptop, sorted out internet connectivity issues, or sent you off-the-shelf solutions. Now, MSPs are tech solutions providers with a much wider scope and the expertise to go with it. 

Here’s how the best MSP can solve your tech challenges 

  • Give you the tech skills you need, when you need them
    Even large multinational corporations are struggling to find and keep their tech staff. Sometimes this is because their project has a limited scope, so they can’t get them part-time for the right period. For other businesses, it can be almost impossible as the competition is so fierce, and the skills are so specialised.But an MSP can hire the pick of the pack because they can guarantee steady work through all their clients, so they have all the specialists you need when you need them the most.
  • Access to leadership-level specialists
    As the saying goes, every company is now a tech company. But while a successful tech company can afford a Chief Technical Officer, Chief Information Officer, and other strategists, it’s not exactly practical or within the budget of every company. That’s where your MSP can help.You can hire C-level technical, cybersecurity, and IT specialists for a limited time – for a particular project like a cloud migration or infrastructure investment strategy, or on an annual or quarterly basis as needed. This way, your business gets big business expert experience and insight to drive the tech side of your business effectively without the cost.
  • Get bespoke tech solutions
    Anyone can go and sign up for a software application or buy some tech – but as any business who has dipped their toe into the tech offerings available knows, finding the right solution is an almost inhuman task when you’re not a tech specialist. Different applications work on different systems, the pros and cons lists are endless and subjective, the costs are impossible to compare, and there’s a new option every minute. You don’t need this headache – you need to run your business.So, your MSP can step in, evaluate what you do, how you’d like to do it, and where you’d like to go – and then give you an answer that works. Businesses are complex, so an off-the-shelf solution isn’t going to give you the returns you want – that’s the job your MSP should be stepping up to do.
  • Drive value in a measurable, affordable way
    Because IT workers are in such high demand, they pretty much can ask whatever they want – and you’ll have to give it to them. Again, that’s not viable or practical, especially when the work is critical but for a limited time period and the costs of hiring and turnover are soaring. Your MSP should be able to change all that for you. Because we have multiple clients, we’re able to spread the cost and load so that, on average, your tech costs are far lower and very stable compared to hiring internally. It’s an economy-of-scale thing really.At the same time, your MSP must be able to show you how your investment is helping your business and how their solution provides everything you need in this digital day and age. They should demonstrate how they’ve reduced downtime (and the costs of downtime), how they’ve sped up data recovery, breaches they’ve prevented, customer service they’ve improved, and more.

Otto – The leading small business MSP in Melbourne 

At Otto, we’re a small business specialist MSP with powerful end-to-end solutions and the expertise to match. Our clients get the same exceptional service no matter how big or small they are or what industry they’re in because our approach is comprehensive and consistent. We promise no-BS IT solutions, full commitment to your business, and the ability to deliver whatever tech services you need quickly and efficiently.

Whether we’re supporting your IT department by loaning skilled professionals on an as-needed basis, giving you access to CIOs and IT strategists, or even running your tech department, you’ll always get our best.

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, The Right MSP is Your IT Skills Solution!

Written by

Jordan Papadopoulos

Jordan is the Chief Commercial Officer at Otto. Jordan is here to help clients remove roadblocks and achieve the business goals they’ve set out. Jordan’s biggest focus is Customer Experience, Business Relationship Management, Risk Management and Strategy.