These are the Best Tools for Data Privacy in 2021

Data privacy has become a very important consumer topic in the last few years, with pressure being put on regulatory bodies and tech companies to collect, use and store user data ethically, honestly and securely. If you’re concerned about data privacy, here are some of the best platforms, apps and tools to use in your business and private life.

#1 – For Browsing the Web: Tor and Onion Browser

Browsing the web has always been very heavy on data collection and use, and thousands of companies can and do follow all the actions you take on every device you use to access the internet. They can check search terms you typed in and decided not to use, text where your mouse tracker hovered, and your actions as you scroll down web pages – not just the websites you actually visit. Incognito mode won’t really protect you, and while browsers are adding privacy features, the best options are to use Tor (Android), which is free and fully encrypted, and Onion (iOS).

#2 – For Private Chats: Signal

Earlier in the year, WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) hit the headlines when it tried to force users to expand the company’s access to their user data. Despite pulling that forced policy, WhatsApp does still collect plenty of your user data from calls and texts. So, what’s the best alternative?

We recommend Signal, a non-profit that collects no user data – at all. The only record they have of you is the date and time you signed up and the last date and time you connected to the service. It works across platforms and includes features like vanishing messages, incognito keyboard, two-factor authentication, and screenshot blocking.

#3 – For Online Account Privacy: LastPass, Google Authenticator

If you’re worried about being hacked (and of course, everyone should be as hacking is on the rise globally and in Australia), then you need a little extra muscle to keep your online accounts secure. Not only will this help protect your personal information, but it will also help stop identity theft and account high-jacking, which can be especially devastating in this age of mobile banking and online shopping. We recommend Google and Microsoft’s authenticator apps, to have your device fully updated with the latest patches and the security modes activated, and to use a password manager that creates and stores complex, high-security passwords for all of your accounts.

#4 – For Your Webcam: A Post-It Note

For a high-tech company, we’re all about simple solutions – and for webcam privacy, we recommend putting the sticky end of a post-it note or something similar over your camera opening. That’s it. And it really works.

You can do the same for your phone’s camera, although the front-facing selfie camera (yes, this can be hacked too) is a bit more tricky. It’s best to simply turn of permissions for the cameras when it’s not in use – a little annoying, but it’s currently the best way to keep it private.

At Otto, we believe in protecting data effectively while allowing businesses to use it efficiently, shielding client and sensitive information from hackers and malware while helping you collect operational data to improve processes, customer service, and more. Chat to our team today for managed IT solutions that work.

, These are the Best Tools for Data Privacy in 2021

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Milan Rajkovic

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