Why Switch To a VoIP Phone?

Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is an increasingly popular phone systems which small and medium sized businesses are now consideringas a way to future proof themselves. No longer is this only a play tool for large businesses. We all know that data collection and analysis is important for businesses of all sizes when it comes to monitoring clients and marketing to prospective customers. Therefore,being able to track, record and storecalls areuseful features of VoIP phones.Otto IT recommends our clients consider switching to a VoIP setup as one of the first investments in their IT infrastructure because we believe they are fundamental and valuable tools for businesses of all sizes.

What Is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) uses the internet rather than traditional phone lines or mobile signal. Users can make and receive calls via their laptop, computer or mobile phone, through either Wi-Fi or 3G/4G connection if necessary. With a VoIP account, you don’t pay per minute or per call. It’s a flat monthly fee. However, VoIP is more than a way to avoid hefty phone bills. All calls are recordedand VoIP technology is able to digitise the recording into data. This data can be extremely useful for customer services and marketing projects. VoIP accounts enable businesses to be always contactable, guaranteeing a crystal clear connection to callers, and don’t include hidden costs or penalise businesses for making international calls to clients around the world.

The Main Benefits Of VoIP

  • With a VoIP phone, you don’t have to worry about poor mobile signal. The call quality on a VoIP phone, connecting to clients around the world, is much higher than a mobile phone and you will not have to deal with interference or crackly lines.
  • VoIP lines are encrypted. This may be important to businesses who are discussing sensitive information. Using a traditional landline may be high risk as these lines are susceptible to interception.
  • Forgotten your mobile? With VoIP, it doesn’t matter. All you need is to log into the account on a computer with the internet and you are able to make calls.
  • Your clients only need one number for a VoIP line. They can call through to you and either reach a menu which provides options for different members of staff, or the call can come directly to you if you are a small business owner. The call will ring on all devices connected to your VoIP, whether that’s a desktop, laptop, mobile or all three. You’ll never miss a client call with a VoIP line.
  • You don’t pay per call which makes VoIP more cost effective. This is particularly true for businesses which conduct a lot of international businesses. Since you’re calling over the internet connection, it doesn’t matter where the receiver is: all calls are included under one, standard umbrella price.
  • In addition to voice calls, VoIP systems are now able to offer video conferencing and teleconferencing features, doing away with the need for Zoom and Skype programs. Instant messages can be sent and received, and it also has voicemail capacity so if you are unable to answer the call, your caller can record a message just as they would on a traditional phone. If required, VoIP can also read faxes via email.
  • You can record automated assistance onto your VoIP so callers can receive basic information such as opening hours without interrupting your working day. This can be particularly useful for large companies or companies who get a lot of calls asking for repetitive information. Minimise the amount of time you spend answering calls and maximise team productivity, focus and output.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you are not ready to move to VoIP yet. We’ve worked with start-ups who have begun from day one with VoIP, as well as helping decade old businesses switch over. At the end of the day, VoIP is likely to be the future. Email will not eclipse phone calls entirely. Particularly when it comes to customer service, we believe that phone calls are very important, as is a high quality connection and a secure line.

If you’re interested in upgrading to a VoIP system or finding out how this software could benefit your business, get in touch with Otto IT today and talk to us about this key piece of IT infrastructure for 2020.

, Why Switch To a VoIP Phone?

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Milan Rajkovic

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