These days, keeping up with new cybersecurity threats is a full-time job for every business – one that our IT security team takes off your plate! Here’s some insight into a threat that almost every business is vulnerable to – and that you may have already fallen victim to.

, Your Business is At Risk of Cryptojacking

What is cryptojacking? 

Cryptocurrency mining is a huge industry that’s expected to reach US$32.4 trillion by 2027 with a CAGR of 58.4%.It uses a staggering number of resources to produce cryptocurrency, with Bitcoin alone uses over 204 TWh – that’s as much as the entire country of Thailand. This huge resource requirement has caused a surge in hackers breaking into networks and devices (even smartphones) to illegally piggyback off their resources to generate the currency. This is called cryptojacking, and the most worrying aspect of this crime is that it’s difficult to notice when you’ve been attacked.

Why is cryptojacking difficult to detect? 

When we think of hacking and cybercrimes, we usually thing of ransomware that locks us out of our devices and networks, malware that steals data and identities, and other dramatic events that catch our attention quickly. Cryptojacking is different because it’s not designed to interrupt your operations in any way. All it does is very quietly use your computing power and resources, and to keep doing so for as long as possible without being detected.

Why is this a problem? 

So, if they aren’t stealing your data, holding your business hostage, or emptying your accounts, is it really a problem? Yes!

This is because your computing resources are being compromised and stolen by an unauthorised individual. This impacts productivity, the speed of your operations, and your energy bill as you unknowingly pay for cryptocurrency mining operations. Systems and devices impacted by cryptojacking experience:

  • Slow performance and connectivity issues
  • Overheating of batteries and key components
  • Shutdowns due to poor processing power availability
  • Reduced lifespan and increased maintenance

Another consequence is increased IT support costs as your IT team tries to track down the source of these issues.

, Your Business is At Risk of Cryptojacking

How to detect and prevent cryptojacking events 

Cryptojacking code can arrive on your system the same way as any other virus or malware – from an infected email link, from a successful hacking attempt, from infected JavaScript advertisements, or from infected downloads. Signs that your device or network is infected includes inexplicable performance and connectivity issues, machine overheating, and unexpected increases in energy costs.

To protect your organisation and personal devices from cryptojacking attempts, it is recommended that you:

  • Raise awareness of IT security best practices across the company
  • Improve web browser security and add ad blockers
  • Use a VPN
  • Disable JavaScript
  • Visit only whitelisted, secure websites (HTTPS)
  • Keep all software and applications up to date, including on mobile devices and browser extensions
  • Regularly monitor your CPU usage using Task Manager or Activity Monitor for unknown processes

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, Your Business is At Risk of Cryptojacking

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