The True Value of Managed IT Services for the Health and Wellbeing Industry

Data is at the core of every industry but is especially notable in the health and wellbeing sectors. From patient records and test results to billing and personal account information, these sectors rely on accessible, accurate data to assure quality patient and client care, as well as the ability to successfully run the organisation. Having the right managed IT services partner is key to achieving these goals. Here is some insight into the benefits your partner should provide.

Exceptional Data Security

 Security is non-negotiable when you run a healthcare or wellness organisation, and your patients have to be able to trust that you can keep their medical, personal and financial information safe and private. At the same time, however, this information needs to be easily and rapidly accessible by those who need it – especially in this digital age where many healthcare providers are giving patients the ability to access and upload information through apps and their own devices.

As a result, your managed IT services need to be innovative and highly functional, storing records and data offline as well as through secure cloud storage, as well as compliant with industry standards for data security.

Reduced Operating Costs

Each year, operating costs in the medical and wellness sectors increase significantly. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in particular face mammoth operating costs as the demand for more effective and more accessible care rises. It is a delicate balancing act to keep operating costs under control while staying committed to a high level of care.

One way to do this is to outsource IT services to a specialist organisation. They have the resources and skilled IT professionals needed to design, implement and maintain your IT infrastructure at a cost far below that of most internal IT departments. They can quickly scale, add or eliminate services as needed, detect and supply solutions for IT vulnerabilities or service gaps, and are able to do so at a set monthly cost – which makes tracking and managingIT costs simple.

Improved Patient Care

Easy, rapid access to data on-the-go helps to streamline and co-ordinate care for better patient outcomes and a better client experience. With secure cloud hosting services, patient files can be accessed whether you are on the road, at your office or anywhere in the healthcare centre. This is especially helpful to medical and wellness practitioners who practice out of multiple locations and with multiple teams, creating standardised communication lines that create a seamless patient ecosystem.

Not only are risks of mistakes and miscommunications significantly reduced, the patient and different teams are also saved a lot of time, resources and effort while benefiting from streamlined, instant and clear communication.

Reduced Network Downtime

 With increasing reliance on online communication and data networks, network downtime is an unacceptable issue – especially when lives and health are at risk. By outsourcing managed IT services, you have an expert team on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week not only to restore your network should it become slow or disrupted, but to actively and constantly evaluate the network and work to prevent outages from occurring in the first place.

More Effective Use of Resources

Managed IT services organisations specialise in creating, deploying and maintaining specialist IT services for different sectors. This eliminates the need to run your own internal IT department and instead redirect resources to your mission-critical focus areas. They recruit top talent, stay-up-to-date on innovations and threats, and deliver the most appropriate tools and solutions according to their SLAs – all so you don’t have to.

The right managed IT partner will eliminate the need for onsite data centres (freeing up valuable space and energy expenditure), utilises their resources to deliver server capacity, data storage capacity and data security to eliminate large capital and depreciation expenditure, and eliminates the technical debt of business IT infrastructure that can become exceptionally complex and costly at scale.

Running your own internal IT department is simply an ineffective use of your time and resources in addition to delivering a less effective result – and usually costing you a lot more.

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, The True Value of Managed IT Services for the Health and Wellbeing Industry

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